About us


The Melegatti Fashion Institute was founded in 1996 by Melegatti Maria Pia, instructed and guided by Fernando Burgo, the sole owner of the famous Burgo Institute, from which teaching methods and materials are acquired.

The institute boasts the distinction of being the most widespread school in the world with branches throughout Italy, Morocco, India and Egypt, and is also the creator and producer of the most widely used and widespread teaching method in the best and largest fashion companies.

Our institute is specialized in the training of fashion designers, stylists and pattern makers, who, upon graduation at the end of the courses, are directly inserted into the fashion world in the various clothing companies.

Method and Texts

Our school uses the burgo teaching method, the most widespread among clothing companies around the world. The texts are patented and supplied by the Fernando Burgo publishing house.

The teaching method of the school includes:


// Individual lessons: the classes are composed of a maximum of 5 students, so that the teachers can follow all the students more carefully;

// patented educational texts with a recognized method;

// participation in fashion shows and events: students will be able to engage themselves on the field by taking part in real fashion shows, making clothes and following the complex organization of an event step by step;

// participate on internships in companies: students will also be able to come into direct contact with the world of work;

// recognized professional qualifications: at the end of the professional training courses a qualification diploma is awarded, after passing the exams held in Milan with an external commission;

// issue of frequency certificates for rprofessional development or specialization courses.

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