Fashion Designer


The FASHION DESIGNER is a figure that has undergone many professional changes in its history. Since the early 1960s, with the advent of industrial production in fashion, his activity has become fundamental, influencing society, customs and habits, through the images and forms of clothes and styles; even more so now that this is socially fickle with reference trends. Today, "THE DESIGNER" is the one who designs and plans the collection, transforming social customs; it creates fashion trends through its stylistic insights. The Fashion Designer must possess a deep technical knowledge of the materials, from their functionality, suitability up to the aesthetic part. It is the professional who works closely with the commercial area, prototyping, quality control and production.



The fashion designer can operate on its own as a freelance, or be employed in the design office of a fashion house. It is the one who designs the collection. It relates to the marketing manager and the commercial area, with the production department, the stylist and the prototyping office. It is the one who coordinates the phases for the correct making of the product. Once an adequate experience is acquired, it is able to work independently or in a team.



  • Measurements Study

  • Anatomy and Proportions

  • Drawing Techniques

  • Basics of Drawing

  • Colours Theory

  • Colouring Techniques

  • Rendering Techniques

  • Fashion Sketches

  • Chromatology

  • Decoration

  • Fashion Sketch Style

  • Illustration

  • Fashion History

  • Photoshop and Illustrator for Fashion

  • Creative Process

  • Method of Research

  • Fibers and Yarns

  • Fabrics and Materials

  • Fashion Design Portfolio

  • Sociology - Marketing

  • Fashion Accessories

  • Flat Pattern Drafting

  • Techniques Schedule



NORMAL:  Total hours: 900 // Lesson time: 4 hours // Duration: 2 anni // Weekly frequency: 3 lessons

INTENSIVE: Total hours:: 900 // Lesson time: 4 hours // Duration: 1 anno // Weekly frequency: 6 lessons





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